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Natural Sponge Productions

Jan 29, 2021

Episode 3 kicks off with crazy Vinny from New York screaming expletives about his pizza shack before Marles takes the reins and delivers pure gold with, 'Marlowe Facts' before Sponge talks baseball, conspiracies and more!

Jan 25, 2021

In the second ever edition of 'WTP?', Sponge and Marles come out of the gate with 'What Grinds Their Gears'... cover current events along with random movies and shows.  Marles definitely warms up to the mic and Sponge continues with his regular shenanigans! 

Jan 21, 2021

In the inaugural episode of 'What's The Point?', Sponge and Marles dive into segments of current events, movies, tv shows, what grinds their gears and much more! This 30 minute podcast only proves to get better as Marles warms up to the mic in Pod #2. The duo will have you laughing, crying and wandering... whats...