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Natural Sponge Productions

Dec 26, 2019

Natural Sponge and Friends wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas! Sponge has Kay Rae and B in the room with a healthy Griffey to talk Christmas, lighters that don't work, a moronic baseball coach and much much more in Podcast 25 on this Christmas Day, 2019. #StayNatural

Dec 5, 2019

Little Sponge, Paisley ‘The Queen’, goes a cappella in her rendition of “Queen of Mean” from Descendants 3! The future *SuPeRsTaR* nails it! We will also post a video of the our little 6 year old phenom on our social media pages! KEEP GOING!

Dec 5, 2019

Sponge nails the much anticipated Podcast #23! - XXIII - Sponge schools you on life, 23 enigma and dives head first into mental health! Stay strong 23 Gang!!!

Dec 4, 2019

NSP is back in the pod-room in Myrtle Beach with an old soul but a young guy, Tyler Darden. The former Wizard but forever member of The DW Brotherhood, Darden talks with Sponge about Thanksgiving turkeys, hunting, Griffey and Champ, being an only child and the fact that Josh Hester owes Sponge money after the Gamecock...

Nov 29, 2019

NSP goes to 'Greg's Garage' for this monumental podcast. Only problem, some technical mishaps hold this beauty back. DISCLAIMER*** the sound is all over the place and we don't know why! So turn it way up and turn it way down throughout and we will fix this problem back in the pod-room! Nathaniel Shuler and special guest...